Empowering people to experience the rhythms of God's Grace


Pastoral Transition

Yarrow Alliance Church has entered a unique time in our history as we are experiencing spiritual renewal in the midst of change as we prepare and develop a meaningful process to welcome a new Lead Pastor. The next number of months through the fall of 2017 and into 2018 will provide an amazing opportunity to reflect on our past and celebrate God’s faithfulness through the years since we first opened our doors in 1959. We will also be provided a window for us to carefully consider what God is calling us to and to engage our mission with the fresh wind of the Spirit in our sails! Thankfully, since we started this process in May 2017, this has not been a time of fear, confusion or chaos but a time of engaging with the heart of God both personally and collectively as a church family.

To help us in this ongoing journey of discovery, we have chosen a transitional theme, EMPOWERING PEOPLE TO EXPERIENCE THE RHYTHMS OF GOD’S GRACE based on Matthew 11:28 (Message Version) where Jesus says, “Walk with me and work with me – watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.”

We hope you’ll join us on this journey through this transitional time until another Lead Pastor comes to lead us further into the heart of God’s mission and that together, we’ll discover more of Jesus and his grace to us.


John Gray – Transitional Lead Pastor

Gerry Teichrob – Transitional Coach

Check out the transitional brochure and or scroll down for upcoming events and dates regarding our transition process. Your participation with these events is very much appreciated and needed.

Transition update

Well Done Yarrow Alliance! 

A huge thank you to the church family for the excellent participation in the church wide Transitional Assessment and the Listening Event. There were 86 total responses for the assessment and 41 participants in the Listening Event.

This information gathering process now shifts to developing a comprehensive presentation to the Board of Elders onNovember 29th and then to the congregation at a date to be determined.  We are also working on the History of Yarrow Alliance Church and Community demographic study as well. It will be interesting and exciting to discover what the Yarrow Alliance church family is thinking and discerning. Thank You!