Artistic expression is such an integral part of being truly human that God commands us all to engage in it, whether professional or amateur, and to do it with joy (Psalm 67:4), originality (Psalm 96:1), and intellect (I Cor. 14:15). Therefore everyone can and should be musically involved. However, when it comes to leadership in any area, we look for those who have developed and are developing their gifts. This is true for our preaching, for those who teach our children, and it is also true of our artistic leadership. We do not detach emotion and technique. I Cor. 14:15 says, “I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my mind.” Therefore, we cannot claim to honor God with our art if our heart is sincere while refusing to learn theory, form and technique.

There are many different areas in which you could serve. These areas are:

Operate the sound system for various church events including Sunday Worship services

Projection & Lighting
Run the lighting and projection systems for church events

Video and video editing of various events and features

Playing musical instruments at various church events

Singing with the worship teams


Graphic design, stage design, photograph, painting, special event design


Contact Amberly at amberly@yarrowalliance.org for more information.