Yarrow Alliance Youth ministry exists to provide a fun and safe place where students can come and experience Jesus in new and life changing ways. A place where students can connect with each other, grow in their faith, use their God-given talents to serve each other, their church, the community and the world and reach others with the Gospel message.

Our Core Values are:

1. Gospel Based – Foster spiritual growth through study and discussion of the Bible.

2. Fun Connection – Create a supportive, safe and fun-loving environment that sharing the Gospel with friends will be a natural outgrowth of every youth group activity.

3. Outward Focused – Build a community of Christian teens in Yarrow and surrounding areas that powers a growing movement of Christian students working to bring spiritual renewal to their friends across the community.




Student Ministry Pastor – Caroline Tempel

Grade 6 Boys – Isaac Epp, Cole Braun                                                                       Grade 7/8 Boys – Joe Falk, Levi Block                                                                                      Grade 9-12 Boys – Colton Kroeker, Ryan Mackintosh, Jesse Block                                              Grade 6/7 Girls – Lainy Jagusch, (looking for one more leader)
Grade 8 Girls – Sydney Penner, Janessa Morelli
Grade 9-12 girls – Maren Kroeker, Tamara Bartsch

Other Leaders:
Youth Worship Band Leaders – Pat McGregor



We meet Wednesday Nights, September-May from 7:00pm-9:00pm at the church for the first three Wednesday's of the month. The fourth Wednesday of the month is Small Group Activity Night where students and leaders will meet at other locations to be determined by each small group leader based on the chosen activity for each month. Months where there are five Wednesdays will be Special All In Activity Nights from 7:00pm-9:00pm for Grade 6-12.



Coming UP

  • MISSION’S FOCUS YOUTH NIGHT - Wed Feb 6th with special guest speakers from 7-9pm at the church

  • SMALL GROUP ACTIVITY NIGHT - Wed Feb 27th  (check with your leaders or call the church office for details)

  • ASH WEDNESDAY - Wed March 6th  Special Youth and Family night at the church starting at 7pm

  • MARCH 20TH  No Youth (first week of spring break)

  • SMALL GROUP ACTIVITY NIGHT - Wed March 27th (check with your leaders or call the church office for details)