Yarrow Alliance Youth exists to provide a dynamic, high-energy, Gospel based community where activities and opportunities for growing, connecting, serving and leading will enable middle and high school students to discover the unique importance of a personal faith in Christ and the life giving power the Gospel has for them, their friends, families and schools. Join our Facebook group or contact Caroline at caroline@yarrowalliance.org for more information. 

Our Core Values are:

1. Gospel Based – Foster spiritual growth through study and discussion of the Bible.

2. Fun Connection – Create such a supportive, fun-loving environment that sharing the Gospel with friends will be a natural outgrowth of every youth group activity.

3. Outward Focused – Build a community of Christian teens in the Yarrow area that powers a growing movement of Christian students working to bring spiritual renewal to their friends across the entire community.

    7pm – 9pm

    location + events changE from
    week to week

    Based on the
    “CONNECT, GROW, SERVE, LEAD” model for our program.


    Wednesday #1 and #3 of each month:  Small group Bible study night with students and their youth leaders.  They will meet in a predetermined place (church, someone’s home, etc.) in designated age groups and have an opportunity to get into God’s Word and grow in knowledge and truth.

    Wednesday #2 and #4 of each month:  All the students and leaders from Gr. 7-12 will meet together and connect with some planned activities and games (planned and led by students in our leadership program and by adults from the church) and have a short teaching component (devotional taught by the pastor or leader) at the end of the night.

    Months with 5 Wednesdays: we will either participate in or create some sort of a service project/worship ministry for the students and leaders. There will also be other weekend activities throughout the year, including our annual youth retreat!

    We want to build and equip students to lead.  Pastoral staff and core leaders will mentor and disciple key students who display leadership qualities and have a desire to grow in this area and use their gifts in Student ministries.  There would be a commitment to meet once a month for two hours for training and studying, and to begin to take on responsibilities for planning some of our Wednesday nights together with leaders and parents.



    Student Ministry Pastor – Caroline Tempel

    Grade 7/8 Girls –  Anna Keller, Sydney Penner, Janessa Morelli
    Grade 7/8 Boys – Levi Block, Joe Falk
    Grade 9-12 Girls – Katie Veldhoen, Paige Mackintosh, Maren Kroeker
    Grade 9/10 Boys – Jesse Block, Ryan Mackintosh, Colton Kroeker
    Grade 11/12 Boys – Jeremy Loewen, Warren Braun

    Other Leaders:
    All in Nights – Ryan Tempel, Tamara Bartsch
    Youth Worship Band Leaders – Jordan Ketting-Olivier, Pat McGregor



    1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month 7pm – 9pm

    Grade 7/8 Girls: Yarrow Alliance Church
    Meeting at:  Soul Cafe (downstairs)

    Grade 7/8 Boys: Malcolm & Bobbie-Anne McFee
    Meeting at: 42523 Walnut Ave., Yarrow BC, V2R 5C4  604-490-0027

    Grade 9-12 Girls: Kevin & Brenda Downey
    Meeting at: 4404 Dixon Road, Abbotsford, BC  V3G 2H3

    Grade 9/10 Boys: Peter & Evie Andres
    Meeting at: 3375 Robinson Rd., Yarrow, BC  V2R 5H1

    Grade 11/12 Boys: Mike & Jen Keller
    Meeting at: Contact leaders or church office for address



    Youth Worship Night, November 29 - Yarrow Alliance Church

    *Youth worship band rehearsals will be held November 8 + November 22 at 5:15-6:30.

    Youth Christmas Banquet, December 2 - Yarrow Alliance Church at 6:30pm 

    Join us at the church with special guest Cliff Prang!

    Cost: $10




    Please click on the button below to download the YAC Student Registration and Parent Authorization Form. Please print and sign the 2 page form and return to Pastor Caroline.